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PowerSun Reflex

Light, high-quality aluminum housing and efficient heating, the bestseller from Knebel for over 10 years!


Our PowerSun Reflex delivers very high heat output with very low power consumption and low weight.



  • Directly from the producer- Made in Germany

  • TÜV tested and 7 year guarantee

  • PowerSun Reflex reaches within a few minutes its full performance and surface temperature. The heat is conducted optimally. Optionally available with paintable mineral coating.

  • The heaters have a particularly robust and durable heating element. No radiation loss occurs due to a special internal reflection.


  • PowerSun Reflex" guarantees a particularly high heat radiation due to its specially coated surface. It is slightly textured white stove-enamelled, therefore very scratch-resistant and non-yellowing.


  • Wide range of performance, design and size:
    Decide flexibly what fits best in your living space


  • Whether as wall or ceiling heating: there are no limits with the supplied installation set

  • High-quality materials: We do not use plastics of any kind and value high-quality materials. The service life of our heaters is almost unlimited


For every room and every taste – the Reflex models

PowerSun Reflex white for wall and ceiling mounting, available in
different variants:

  • smooth powder-coated (basic version)

  • mineral-coated - similar to roughcast (optional)

  • with aluminum frame (optional)

  • becomes a standing heater with our feet (optional)

PowerSun Reflex smooth frameless/with stand


PowerSun Reflex smooth with aluminum frame


PowerSun Reflex mineral-coated with/without aluminum frame


Dimensions and performance


24 x 60 cm 200 watts 50 x 100 cm 600 watts

40 x 60 cm 300 watts 40 x 120 cm 600 watts

62 x 62 cm 300 watts 60 x 120 cm 700 watts

60 x 90 cm 500 watts 60 x 120 cm 800 watts

60 x 90 cm 600 watts 60 x 120 cm 900 watts

80 x 140 cm 1200 watts*


*The 1200 watt version is not available with an aluminum frame

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