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Due to the space-saving technology, the modern Knebel infrared heaters are flatter than an LCD television and can be placed almost anywhere. And that is just one of many convincing arguments!

Very high efficiency

Thanks to their innovative design, Knebel infrared heaters have fewer thermal bridges and therefore less heat loss. As a result, less power is required and that means lower consumption costs for you.

Inner values

By doing without PET films, plasticizers and plastics, we achieve a longer service life. There is no risk of fire. Knebel infrared heaters impress with their high-quality materials and very good workmanship. Without any harmful vapors or odors.
Through years of development work, Knebel infrared heaters achieve maximum and even heat distribution on the front. This is made possible by the heating elements manufactured using a special weaving process. Due to the enormous density of the insulation board, heat dissipation on the back is also minimized. For safety, thermal sensors are installed, which switch off the infrared heating in the event of overheating.
The 1.5 mm thick aluminum back wall has a specially developed reflective coating, which means that heat development on the back is very low.
The connection cable used has a heat resistance of up to 120 degrees and can be easily inserted behind the heater after installation.
A direct connection is also possible.

Full power
Depending on the area of application and the size of the room, Knebel infrared heaters have an output of 200-1400 watt.

Slim design and convincing size

Depending on the model, Knebel infrared heaters are only 1.4 to 3 cm deep.
The different models are available in sizes from 24 to 140 cm (height/width).

One heater - many possibilities

A: Powder coating

This robust surface is easy to care for, scratch-resistant and can be integrated inconspicuously.


B: mineral coating

This surface can be painted with heat resistant paint to match your living space.


C: Aluminum frame

The right frame for your infrared heater, other frame colors are available on request.


D: Canvas

This surface can be refined with a motif, we offer you a large selection of existing motifs, but your own motif can also be processed.


E: Mirror

This 4mm safety glass surface is ideal for the bathroom and is available with or without a frame.


F: Glass

Very elegant, easy-to-clean surface made of high-gloss, heat-resistant special glass for an exclusive look in your living room or office.


G: Ceramics

Real ceramic surface in 6 color designs.

5-7 year guarantee

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