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Infrared Heating

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Why freeze in the evenings or on wet, rainy days in the Canary Islands? Increase your living and quality of life with pleasant and efficient infrared heat.


Infrared heat feels like the sun. Anyone who has ever used an infrared lamp or infrared cabin knows this feeling of well-being and the pleasant warmth.


See, feel and sense our infrared heaters when you visit us on Tenerife.


  • Advice and support from a certified master craftsman

  • Installation by a trained specialist company

  • Quality products made in Germany

  • Most popular models in stock

  • Full service

Since the temperatures on the Canary Islands are never as low as in Europe, even in winter, infrared heating is very effective and overheating of the interior is prevented.

The sun as a natural model! Infrared rays have the property of not primarily heating the air, but walls, floors and all objects in the room, as well as the human body. These objects then give off the heat to the environment and ensure a healthy and comfortable warmth. This comfort alone is good for us. But infrared heaters also have a positive effect on our well-being and mold formation is removed from an important basis.

The power consumption is low due to the immediate heat transfer, hardly any losses and the small temperature difference between outside and inside. In addition, electricity costs can be saved with a thermostat, since the heating switches off when the desired room temperature is reached.

With a photovoltaic system, the power consumption is again significantly reduced.

A modern, high-quality infrared heater is certainly cheaper to use than heating with an air conditioner or a convection heating. A pleasant sense of well-being is also achieved because no air circulation with dust, pollen, animal hair, etc. is generated.


Visit our showroom to see, touch and feel the infrared heaters.


Take a rental device home with you for 10 days free of charge and without obligation and heat up like the sun, if the heat does not meet your expectations, we will take the device back without any problems!


Our company only sells high-quality products and offers a complete service from planning, factory collection, delivery to the Canary Islands, customs and import processing to the final assembly.

Of course, the heating can also just be delivered, picked up from us and installed by yourself.

We are also happy to take over the planning and installation of high-quality photovoltaic systems for you!



Our certified master will be happy to advise you and the installation will be carried out by our trained specialist company.

The most important thing for us are satisfied customers, because that is our best advertisement!



Do not hesitate any longer and make an appointment:


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Popular products in stock!
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