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Infrared Radiators



Thermoplus is mounted above the windows or in the conservatory and offers effective protection against cold drafts. Thanks to its slim design, this radiant heater is also suitable for heating areas with limited space, such as bathrooms.

Thermoplus is coated with white paint, which is unobtrusive and extremely scratch-resistant is.

The slim shape makes the device practical when installed in the ceiling bracket disappear

TP (6).jpg

Dimensions and performance


108 x 10 cm 450 watts

151 x 10 cm 600 watts

9 cm deep

Relax Glass white/black

These designer short-wave heaters are equipped with a high-quality black or white ceramic glass front. They are also waterproof and greatly reduced in light.

Equipped with integrated dimmer, remote control, cable, plug and mounting bracket for wall or ceiling mounting.

  • Application: In outdoor areas, in the private, commercial, public or industrial environment.

  • Protection class: IP65 waterproof

  • Housing Material/Color: Corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum / silver or black

  • Glass front Material/color: SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass ceramic / white or black

  • Mounting: Wall/ceiling mounting with integrated mounting brackets

  • (Wall: 0°/15°/30°/45°). Mounting only horizontally!
    Exception: 2200 watt models only wall mounting

  • Connection: Power connection 230 volts. Slow-blow fuse C16A required from 1800W!


Dimensions and performance

90 x 17 cm 1500 watts

90 x 17 cm 1800 watts

90 x 17 cm 2200 watts

8 cm deep

Heat Tube


Shapely and elegant Heat Tube Carbon with the latest technology with optional remote control, with which you can choose between 3 power levels and switch them on and off.

The radiant heater is only suitable for indoor or covered outdoor areas!


Dimensions and performance


95 x 5.5 cm 900 watts without remote control

109 x 5.5 cm 900 watts with remote control


Comfort Sun infrared heaters from Knoch are cheap, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe. This is made possible by the modern technology, which offers a performance yield of 90%. Only 10% of the energy is converted into light, which means that infrared radiant heaters use up to 30% less energy than comparable systems.

Feel the comfort of live.

Made in Germany!


The right light for every occasion

Infrarot Tower 2000 Watt


Der ComfortSun Infrarot Tower verkörpert einen innovativen Premium Standheizstrahler mit modernster Infrarottechnik im zeitgemäß edlen Design.

Strahlwasserschutz dank IP65 Klassifizierung sowie einer massiven Bodenplatte aus gebürstetem Edelstahl, um Wind und Wetter zu trotzen. Zusätzliche Sicherheit bietet der integrierte Kippschutz, der ab einem Neigungswinkel von 40 Grad den Wärmestrahler sofort abschaltet und eine TÜV-Prüfungung.

Die hochmoderne, langlebige und qualitativ hochwertige Dark Glare Infrarotlampe bietet einen um 90 % reduzierten Lichtausstoß bei gleichzeitig deutlich spürbarer Wärme mit hohem Anteil an kurzwelliger Infrarotstrahlung. Der mittels Raytracing speziell entwickelte Reflektor emittiert die Infrarotstrahlung optimal und blendungsfrei.

Der ComfortSun Infrarot Tower vereint Form und Funktion und setzt Maßstäbe in Sachen Bedienkomfort. Über den Taster auf der Rückseite dimmen Sie in drei Stufen. Via Fernbedienung ist eine 5 stufige Dimmung möglich. Die integrierte App-Steuerung via Bluetooth erlaubt sogar stufenloses Dimmen inklusive Abschaltautomatik durch den integrierten Timer. Wärme und Bedienkomfort an jedem Ort - Der Infrarot Tower macht es möglich. Outdoor auf Ihrer Terrasse, im Sommer- oder Wintergarten, auf dem Freisitz oder Campingplatz windresistende Wärme genießen egal bei welchem Wetter. ComfortSun bietet mit diesem Standgerät nun auch mobile Wärme unter dem Tisch mit flexibler Ausrichtung an jedem Ort. Erhältlich in den Farben titan und nano.



Golden Clare


With the golden lamps, infrared A and B radiation is generated from the tungsten filament and its coating filters the visible light. The durable lamps burn for > 5,000 hours and achieve up to 90% heat utilization.

CS24, anthrazit, golden glare.jpg

Low Clare


Only about 15% of the visible light of a golden glare radiator is created with low glare technology. Infrared radiation contains a larger proportion of infrared light from the invisible spectrum. The lamps burn for > 5,000 hours and achieve up to 90% thermal efficiency.


White Clare


The white lamps shine with 2700 Kelvin warm white reading light. The heat development is completely retained without red light components, which are 100% absorbed by the special coating.

Weiss,  white glare, an.jpg

The Comfort Sun infrared radiators are available in the colors white, anthracite, titanium, in various designs and power levels.

We will be happy to advise you and find the ideal device for your area of application.

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