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PowerSun Carboglas 3.0


Particularly beautiful and efficient

The new generation of PowerSun Carboglas has been further optimized and is now even more powerful. The elegant and modern look in black and white makes this infrared heater a real eye-catcher!

The new PowerSun Carboglas is optionally equipped with highly modern LED technology. The 2x 960 lumen bright LED units reliably illuminate your entire room. You can easily use the central space on the ceiling, where your light source would normally be, as a particularly efficient mounting location for your new Carboglas infrared heater. Other infrared heaters with LED lighting usually cannot do this. The Carboglas is also designed in such a way that it is relatively easy to replace the LED lamps yourself.

Compatible with all common smart home systems.




  • From our own factory "Made in Germany"


  • TÜV tested and 5 year guarantee


  • Fast warm-up phase thanks to only 4 mm ESG safety glass, guarantees cozy warmth within a few minutes


  • Wall and ceiling mounting: There are no limits with the supplied KNEBEL universal bracket


  • Installation is very easy and takes just a few minutes


  • Thanks to the internal mirroring, the infrared radiation is emitted to the front, heating from the rear and radiation losses are reduced and a very high level of efficiency is achieved as a result


  • For added security - Each glass front is checked by the heat soak test

Carboglas for wall and ceiling mounting white/black


Dimensions and performance


60 x   60 cm  300 Watts

60 x   90 cm  500 Watts

60 x 120 cm  800 Watts

Carboglas with LED for wall and ceiling mounting white/black


The 2x 960 lumen bright LED units reliably illuminate your entire room.

Dimensions and performance

60 x 110 cm 500 Watts

60 x 140 cm 800 Watts

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